Yup Racing Tutorial

1. Acquire YUP

The first step in providing liquidity for the Yup Protocol is acquiring YUP. This can be achieved by rating the web using the Yup Extension, or buying it from an exchange (Uniswap or Defibox for example). Since liquidity is provided on Ethereum, YUP that is earned or purchased on EOS has to be bridged over to Ethereum to begin. If you wish to buy YUP on Ethereum, please skip to step #3.

2. Get YUP on the Ethereum blockchain

To get YUP on Ethereum you either need to buy an ERC-20 version of the token from an Ethereum exchange, or bridge tokens acquired on EOS using the EOS <> Ethereum bridge. To bridge YUP, connect your Yup/Scatter wallet, input an amount, copy your Ethereum wallet address into the memo field, and hit send. Voilà, your YUP is now on Ethereum!

3. Stake YUP and ETH to get YUP/ETH UNI LP

Now that you have YUP on the Ethereum blockchain, you can begin providing liquidity in the YUP/ETH pool on Uniswap. Input an equal value of YUP and ETH into the pool and collect your YUP/ETH Uniswap LP token. You now have your golden ticket to earn YUP.

4. Bridge YUP/ETH UNI LP to EOS

Back to the bridge! You’re almost there. Now you want to bring your YUP/ETH Uniswap LP over to the EOS blockchain to begin staking on Yup Racing. This time connect your metamask wallet. Then send YUP/ETH LP’s to EOS and copy your Yup/Scatter username into the memo field. We’re so close now you can almost taste it.

5. Stake “YUPETH” to Yup Racing

Final step. Go to yup.finance and connect your Yup/Scatter wallet. Stake your LP tokens aaaand that’s it! You’re now earning YUP for providing liquidity — congratulations!

6. Have fun!

Off to the races we go 🏎️ 💨💨

Enjoy playing the Yup Racing game while you watch your YUP increase!

📱 Contact Info

If you’re looking to return your YUPETH to the normal UNI token on Ethereum, you need to bridge and unwrap.

  1. Head to the ETH-EOS Bridge and connect Yup Wallet
  2. Send YUPETH to Ethereum
  3. Connect Metamask Wallet
  4. You should receive a modal with a button that says “Unwrap”. Click it.
  5. You’re done!



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