1. Acquire YUP

2. Get YUP on the Ethereum blockchain

3. Stake YUP and ETH to get YUP/ETH UNI LP

4. Bridge YUP/ETH UNI LP to EOS

5. Stake “YUPETH” to Yup Racing

Final step. Go to yup.finance and connect your Yup/Scatter wallet. Stake your LP tokens aaaand that’s it! You’re now earning YUP for providing liquidity — congratulations!

6. Have fun!

Enjoy playing the Yup Racing game while you watch your YUP increase!

📱 Contact Info

Returning/Unwrapping YUPETH UNI LP to Ethereum

  1. Head to the ETH-EOS Bridge and connect Yup Wallet
  2. Send YUPETH to Ethereum
  3. Connect Metamask Wallet
  4. You should receive a modal with a button that says “Unwrap”. Click it.
  5. You’re done!

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