• The YUP token is going live on Friday, October 9th at 4 pm UTC!
  • This is a multi-chain launch, with users curating content on EOS yet providing liquidity on Ethereum.
  • 85% of the YUP genesis supply is distributed to Yup community members and over 10k twitter influencers based on their social value. ~9.3m YUP tokens are issued in the first year to curators and liquidity providers.
  • To start, YUP is available through one liquidity mining pool: YUP-ETH.
  • On the launch date, this post will be updated with more details on participation.
  • Join our Discord discussion at https://discord.gg/tEJEzTS

The purpose of the YUP token is to capture online influence as an asset, decoupling social capital from physical capital. It can be earned through online engagement (likes, ratings) that is affirmed by the community, or by providing liquidity to its fiat gateways. It can be held to increase one’s potential return on their engagement and to govern the protocol. It can be burned to increase potential returns on specific engagement. See the protocol site here

💕 Solving for Influence

🏡 Launching with a working product

In the last few months, we’ve been lucky to have accomplished a ton with our beta protocol and product, and we’re excited to start the next stage in our growth as an organization and community.

📜 Yup Protocol V1

Key features include:

  • Curated Influence Score for each user and URL across the web
  • Cross-platform lineage tracking for likes and ratings
  • Quadratic Rating voting mechanism on 2nd layer
  • Influence-based governance
  • Creator/Curator rewards mechanism
  • Liquidity Provider reward mechanism
  • IPFS-based open access database
  • EOS-ETH Bridge

💦 Liquidity for a mainstream audience

💰 Supply and Distribution

  • 50% to Yup Creators and Curators = 4,657,540 YUP
  • 23% to Liquidity Providers = 2,142,469 YUP
  • 22% to Team = 2,049,317 YUP
  • 5% to Treasury = 465,754 YUP

Emissions will occur in 4 phases:

Phase 0 • Day 1: YUPX holders will immediately receive a retroactive distribution of YUP at a 1:1 rate. Additionally, over 10k twitter users will receive a proactive distribution of YUP according to their Twitter actions over the last few months and Yup users’ ratings of them. Lastly, ~20% of this will be held for unclaimed creator rewards and 15% will be held by team. This will create an initial supply of 100,000 YUP.

Phase 1 • 1 Year: Daily emissions of 1.25% the total supply of YUP

Day 1: 1,250

Day 2: 1,266

Day 3: 1,281


Phase 2 • 1,049 Days (2.88 Years): Daily emissions decrease by 100 YUP each day until 10,000 YUP/day.

Phase 3 • indefinitely: Daily emissions of 10,000 YUP

More info on YUP Token Distribution can be found here.

⛓️ Cross-chain Integration

Together, the two chains provide the necessary infrastructure for the Yup Protocol to function at scale. This is the first of its kind. We have yet to see a launch of a token that is dependent on two separate public layer 1s for different aspects of its protocol. The Yup Protocol leverages an implimentation of the DAPP Network ETH-EOS Bridge. This is the first mainnet implimentation of the bridge, and will be used to link YUP and its LP token between chains. Multiple nodes from reputable organizations run this bridge (more info soon). In this CoinTelegraph article, we talk a little bit about our feelings towards tribalism or loyalty to a specific layer 1.

🏎️ Yup Racing

♻️ YUP vs YUPX

🚀 Launch Schedule

  1. Monday 10/12/20 → Yup Protocol Launch
  2. Thursday 11/12/20 → ETH-EOS Bridge

📱 Contact Info

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