1. Acquire YUP

2. Get YUP on the Ethereum blockchain

  • The YUP token is going live on Friday, October 9th at 4 pm UTC!
  • This is a multi-chain launch, with users curating content on EOS yet providing liquidity on Ethereum.
  • 85% of the YUP genesis supply is distributed to Yup community members and over 10k twitter influencers based on their social value. ~9.3m YUP tokens are issued in the first year to curators and liquidity providers.
  • To start, YUP is available through one liquidity mining pool: YUP-ETH.
  • On the launch date, this post will be updated with more details on participation.
  • Join our Discord discussion at https://discord.gg/tEJEzTS

Yup Protocol

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