1. Acquire YUP

The first step in providing liquidity for the Yup Protocol is acquiring YUP. This can be achieved by rating the web using the Yup Extension, or buying it from an exchange (Uniswap or Defibox for example). Since liquidity is provided on Ethereum, YUP that is earned or purchased on EOS has to be bridged over to Ethereum to begin. If you wish to buy YUP on Ethereum, please skip to step #3.

2. Get YUP on the Ethereum blockchain

To get YUP on Ethereum you either need to buy an ERC-20 version of the token from an Ethereum exchange, or bridge tokens acquired on EOS using the…

  • The YUP token is going live on Friday, October 9th at 4 pm UTC!
  • This is a multi-chain launch, with users curating content on EOS yet providing liquidity on Ethereum.
  • 85% of the YUP genesis supply is distributed to Yup community members and over 10k twitter influencers based on their social value. ~9.3m YUP tokens are issued in the first year to curators and liquidity providers.
  • To start, YUP is available through one liquidity mining pool: YUP-ETH.
  • On the launch date, this post will be updated with more details on participation.
  • Join our Discord discussion at https://discord.gg/tEJEzTS

The purpose of…

Yup Protocol

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